Be:Fit London 2018

Artwork within the London Business Design Centre which accurately depicts me swooning over everything at Be:Fit London.

You have to go to Be:Fit London.

I only stumbled upon the event by accident, and despite it being last minute grabbed myself a VIP ticket #extralife.

The line-up looked impressive from The Body Coach, The Body Sculptor, Dr. Hazel Wallace, Women’s Health and Maeve Madden to name a few. Next year I will definitely get a ticket for all three days, not just the Sunday – there’s too much to do!

Inside it was like a marketplace of healthy food stalls and clothing popup stands. There was a main stage, Reebok Fitness Studio, Murad Zen Den, Functional Studio, Yoga Studio, Conditioning Studio, Business & Careers Hub, Digme Cycling Studio and a Rebound Studio; all offering classes, talks and workshops. And that was just what was on the line up, around the hall were massage zones, stretching classes, and loads more.

I’d say about 90% of the stalls were food related – which was great but next year I’d love to see more clothing, gadget and beauty stands.

I think the Tarte gym range of makeup would have been perfect here. Also perhaps a book popup stand for the latest cookbooks, etc. Just a thought (hint, hint Be:Fit).


Before I tell you about my #extra day, just a big shout out to Ruby from Be:Fit who was so lovely to me when I booked my tickets and gave me advice and reassurance as I was flying solo to the event. Thank you! 🙂

The VIP ticket got me fast track entry into the event, VIP cloakroom and access to the VIP room all day where there was complimentary food and drink from Fitology Kitchen, a token for an alcoholic drink from Slingsby, a Gypsy Shrine station for hair and body glitter, Massage the Senses massage stations, photo backdrop, a gift bag worth £75 and a Color Wow hair styling station.

I think I’d been there no longer than two minutes before getting Gypsy Shrine braids and glitter. It’s given me serious Festival FOMO, and all I can think about is booking tickets to anything just to dress up like this Gypsy Shrine gal below.

In fact it inspired me so much that as I type this, I’ve got my hair in space buns (no more ponytails for this crazy lady).

After I got my hair truly frizzed from the workout classes at the event, I got my hair styled again at the Color Wow station. FYI, best hairspray I’ve ever used, I am 100% buying the Color Wow hairspray.


The first class I went to was the Cyclebox class. Cyclebox was started by the Body Sculptor, a.k.a, Mandy Gordan, who started the Cyclebox studio in Glasgow. I already knew about her from following Jamie Genevieve’s weekly YouTube vlogs, and thought it looked brilliant.

As a spin instructor I am obviously super biased and love a sesh on the spin bike, but what I loved about the look of the Cyclebox classes is the combo of spin and boxing to spice it up. Please please come down South Cyclebox!

Even though the taster session at Be:Fit didn’t use spin bikes (the bikes had been hijacked by Digme, boo), the class was so intense. I still have a carpet burn from the planks.

It had me dripping in sweat in no time. Mandy was so cool, her energy kept the whole class lively, and even though I found it a real challenge, she inspired me enough to want to impress her by keeping up haha.

I felt like I would have been happy leaving Be:Fit London just after that one class. Definitely one to watch out for. I actually enjoyed it so much that I am planning a trip to Glasgow next year, around a couple of classes at Cyclebox.

P.S The Cyclebox apparel looks gorgeous – where can I get some? #TrainLikeAFighter

Women’s Health

Amy Hopkinson, the Digital Editor of Women’s Health gave a refreshingly down-to-earth talk about her wellness journey.

As a devoted subscriber to the magazine, when I saw this talk on the line-up I made sure to get a seat.

Hopkinson spoke about how she had learned that some simple changes to your lifestyle can make all the difference for your health and wellbeing – and in turn, your outlook on life and within your career.

Every morning at Women’s Health starts with a meeting to look at what’s trending and the success of the previous day’s stories. Before, she used to exercise in the morning and come to the meetings drained, followed by an afternoon slump after a desk lunch scrolling through social media. She realised this lifestyle wasn’t healthy and did nothing for her wellbeing, and switched it up by simply exercising after work – by listening to what her body was telling her.

From social media curfews, lunchtime walks and holiday email bans, she makes sure her career as the Digital Editor for Women’s Health doesn’t seep into her every waking moment.

I found her talk to be honest and insightful, causing me to look inwards at my own daily lifestyle. She is a great ambassador for Women’s Health and I hope to catch her soon at one of her monthly talks at lululemon.

The running hashtag for Be:Fit London was #BeYourOwn, and this talk really gave a voice to that.

Un1t London

The second class I went to was a run by Un1t London, a team conditioning studio ‘offering a trio of cardio, strength and mobility focussed classes; in London.

Oh my god, it killed me.

I was already pretty broken from Cyclebox, but didn’t want to come along to Be:Fit London and miss out on anything (hence next year getting the weekend pass!).

There were around seven stations (if I remember correctly), and each station had three exercises, for example: sprints, Russian Twists and one-arm dumbbell snatch. In teams of three you had to complete each station in five minutes, rotating the exercises between you.

Each team of three was competing with each other for the highest score (calculated by counting the reps completed on one particular of the three exercises on each station).

It was brutal.

By the third station I was ready to give up, but I couldn’t because I was in a team, and I think that’s what makes Un1t work – because you are part of a team, and you spur each other on. It was so hard, and it did push me out of my comfort zone, but by the last station I was really proud of myself.

Some snaps of Be:Fit London.


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