A Walk With Lemon

Sissinghurst Castle is one of my favourite places to visit on a sunny day. And as it’s a National Trust spot, it’s nice to know you’re helping with the volunteering effort with your paid visit.

Here are some photos of our little outing around the grounds with Lemon, we couldn’t take her inside or into the formal gardens – I’ll show you those another day – but we took her around the lakes for her first swim.

It was incredible! She was like a little fish and she just went for it, like she’d been for a dip a hundred times. Truly proud moment – but also truly terrifying to the point where I was emptying my pockets and preparing to dive in head first if she gave the slightest hint of being scared. But she was a fearless little fish 🙂

I love reading these little chalkboards dotted around the grounds, often telling you about the plants or the volunteering that is underway to keep the gardens looking so beautiful. One of the signs was all about how since the 1940s, 97% of UK meadows had been destroyed, and so to help rescue them from extinction, the National Trust have been sowing wild flower meadows around the estate to help local wildlife as well as ‘create a more rural feel to our outdoor spaces’.

This sign here, is all about the Sissinghurst Castle vegetable garden. I haven’t much experience in that arena yet. Last year I tried to grow courgettes, but I think I got the wrong seeds because they looked more like green pumpkins…I’ll stick to herbs for now I think. But I really like having a nose around this vegetable garden when we visit, the neat rows of labelled plants really hits my OCD spot. Also there are always loads of veggies I’ve never heard of before or some random exotic name for a strawberry.

But sorry Lemon you can’t go in!


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