Horticulture Clash

Here’s a little disclaimer before I get started. Yes I realise my hobbies mirror that of a retiree, and no I am not ashamed to be earning my green fingers – laugh away! I am at my most happy when getting dirt under my fingernails in the garden.

Don’t get me wrong, if it’s raining, I’m inside and it takes a lot to get me to venture out, but if it’s a nice day and I’ve got some time, I really enjoy digging holes and popping down plants in their place.

Daisy, Daisy, how does your garden grow?

I don’t really know what I’m doing most of the time, you definitely won’t be seeing me exhibiting at the RHS Chelsea Flower show any time soon, but I have my Dad’s guidance and the inspiration of Pinterest.

When I actually had my own garden, (my own little bit of dirt to call my own!), I really started to look at its potential. It wasn’t just a strip of grass with the odd potted plant in my eyes – I saw a space that could be filled with friends and jugs of Pimm’s in the summer, and I wanted to make it an extension of the house, an actual living space.

To that end, when we first moved in, we couldn’t wait to get started. And by we, I mean my Dad. The day after we moved in, he came along with arms bundled with compost, pots and herbs. So we got started pretty early.

Once I potted these up I got the bug! After that my Dad spent a day cutting up borders in the garden and we planted as much as we could.

Then we got Lemon.

We didn’t think that perhaps investing in the garden before a puppy comes along is a little, well, stupid.

It didn’t take long for her to eat, trample, lie in, squash, decimate and destroy everything we had planted. It was our fault though. We should have been stricter and only taken her out into the garden on a lead until she learned the boundaries, but we’re suckers and she looked so happy that we couldn’t help ourselves but let her have her freedom in what was the ratio equivalent of a jungle for her at the time. A mistake we won’t make twice!

We are now training her on a lead in the garden and have gone back to basics to make sure that the work we put into the garden won’t be in vain!

I feel like I have learned quite a lot about gardening so far and I think it would be really nice to see more young people take an interest in this extreme outdoor sport. So I am going to start a small series of gardening tips, with tips and tricks that I learn along the way.

I hope you find them useful and/or find amusement in my gardening fails.

Let me know if you are a pro plantsman or horticulturalist extraordinaire with wisdom to share!


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